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Future Tanks icon Collect power-ups, defend your base and destroy the tanks in this arcade action game

Retro video games aim to enchant the players with an experience that comes as close to the old days as possible, while still featuring a bit of a modern take on the subject. In essence, they are designed to appeal to the nostalgia in those who are old enough to remember the 8-bit games that defined the console era and created so many memories along the way.

Destroy the enemy tanks and defend your base

Future Tanks is a top-down action game that’s basically a remake of the classic Battle City, in which your goal is to defend your base from the other tanks and try to destroy as many of them as possible in the meantime. The map is designed like a maze, which means that you have to pay attention to where you are going in order to avoid getting trapped by the other tanks.

Every now and again you also get to pick up a power-up, which helps a lot when it comes to survival. Some of them provide you with an extra life, while others increase your armor and make you temporarily invincible. It’s also possible to pick up repair kits and fix your tank damage, which allows you to take more hits before you are completely destroyed.

Basic graphics and annoying controls

The game’s biggest annoyance is the fact that it takes forever to move, in great part due to the fact that it’s very difficult to move smoothly across the map. The controls are very twitchy and imprecise, and it’s especially unintuitive to struggle with the fact that you have to let go of one directional key in order to press the other and switch directions.

As for the graphics, they are simple as they can get, yet not exactly retro. The bright colors and shiny objects get annoying and repetitive after a few minutes of gameplay, which is not good news when you have to deal with a lot of restarts due to the game’s difficulty. The music is a bit too loud and inappropriate for the slow action as well, but you can at least turn that off if you want to.

A basic action game with not much to offer

When it’s all said and done, there are much more entertaining games than Future Tanks out there, but this can provide you with a bit of fun as well. Hence, as long as you keep your expectations low and can ignore the terrible controls, there’s a bit of action in store for you.

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Future Tanks was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Future Tanks 7.0

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