400-Foot (122-Meter) Baguette Hailed as the Absolute Longest Ever

The baguette was cooked and served over the weekend in Milan

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Culinary history was made this past Sunday, October 18, when a team of about 60 French and Italian bakers prepared and served the absolute longest baguette the world has ever seen. 

The gargantuan loaf was cooked at the Milan World Expo 2015 World's Fair in Italy. Complete with a crispy crust and an exquisitely soft middle, the baguette took about 7 hours to roll and then bake.

Once out of the oven, the loaf was cut, smeared with Nutella and served to Expo visitors. The baguette might have taken hours to bake, but it was so tasty it disappeared in minutes.

All the same, the bakers who created it, backed by Italian chocolate maker Ferrero, which also happens to be the mind behind the divine Nutella spread, did not for a second regret seeing their hard work getting eaten before their very eyes.

According to the World Record Academy, the cooking of this baguette was witnessed by Guinness officials, who measured it to make sure that it really was a new record for the art of baking.

The previous record

Before this past Sunday's bake-off in Milan, the record for the world's longest baguette was held by a loaf cooked and served in Vietnam quite a while ago, in August 2009.

This other mammoth baguette documented by Guinness World Records measured an astounding 354.17 feet (111 meters) from one end to the other. To bake it, its creators shoved it in a special oven in turn 393.7 feet (120 meters) long.

Guinness also recognizes a record for the longest loaf of bread ever made. This one was cooked in Portugal back in 2005 and was really and truly ginormous. No exaggeration.

According to Guinness World Records, this loaf of bread served in Portugal in 2005 measured a jaw-dropping 1,211.6 meters (3,975 feet and 0.69 inches). Being as big as it was, it's no wonder it took nearly 60 hours to bake.

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