Christian Group Says the World Will End This Wednesday, October 7

In just a few hours, our world will be annihilated

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Beware, the day of reckoning is upon us. Yet again. According to Christian group eBible Fellowship, doomsday will happen this Wednesday, October 7. Yup, it looks like, in just a few hours, we humans and everything we hold dear will be annihilated. 

Unless, of course, the eBible Fellowship is wrong. Truth be told, the Christian group did predict another doomsday on May 21, 2011, and failed miserably. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if they got it right this time around.

All the signs hint the end of the world is merely hours away

When the world didn't end on May 21, 2011 as predicted, the eBible Fellowship declared it judgement day instead of the actual apocalypse. They say that, since that date, God has been selecting whom to save from the impending doom and gloom.

Before May 21, 2011, God focused on passing judgement to churches and church-goers. Once done with them, the Lord turned his attention to the rest of the world. If it all sounds terribly confusing, that's because it is.

“The Lord's judgement of the churches (due to their unfaithfulness) started May 21, 1988. Careful study of the biblical calendar of history showed that the timeline for God's judgement on the churches would be for a period of 23 years, to the very day, from May 21, 1988 until May 21, 2011.”

The Christian group says that God has allotted himself 1,600 days starting May 21, 2011 to judge the rest of the world. This means that, once he's done tackling this task this October 7, the apocalypse will at long last happen.

“The amount of biblical evidence pointing to the date of October 7, 2015 makes that day an exceedingly strong candidate to conclude the prolonged period of judgement that began on May 21, 2011; and for that day to be the end of the world,” the Christian group cautions.

As for how exactly the world will be destroyed, the eBible Fellowship says God will probably burn it down. He had it drown in the days of Noah. This second time around, he'll use fire. Because, you know, repeat performances can prove a bit of a drag.

Even scientists agree the world will one day come to an end

Such predictions about the end of the world might sound insane, but the fact of the matter is even scientists agree the world as we know it will one day come to an end.

Except they're a tad more relaxed about when this will happen. Thus, most scientists agree Earth will live its final days about 7.5 billion years from now, when the Sun will perish in a mammoth explosion and swallow everything anywhere near it.

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