Duck Gets Drunk, Picks a Fight with a Dog

To nobody's surprise, the dog won this round

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Just the other day, a slightly temperamental duck went to a bar, got a bit hammered and, since apparently the locale was seriously lacking in quality entertainment, picked a fight with a dog to make the time pass. 

It might sound like a weird tale, but it actually happened in the town of Chudleigh in Devon, England. As you've probably figured out, it was the dog that won this round.

Meet Star, the ale-loving duck

Law enforcement officers sent to investigate the brawl identified the trouble-causing duck as Star. Apparently, this bird is quite a celebrity in England.

Together with its owner, 69-year-old Barrie Hayman, Star makes regular appearances on stage and performs in front of crowds to raise money for charity.

Like a true celebrity, however, 4-year-old Star is not without its vices. For one thing, the bird happens to love and adore drinking beer. Ale, to be more precise.

Rather than try to talk some sense into Star, Barrie Hayman indulges its passion for bear. He takes the bird to bars with him and even buys it the occasional drink.

As it turns out, Star has a temper 

It was at the Old Courthouse Inn that, after drinking some beer, Star picked a fight with Meggie, Barrie Hayman's dog. Witnesses say the bird simply walked up to the pooch and then stared into its eyes for a few good minutes.

Eventually, Meggie pounced. It bit Star by the beak, and so the bird had to be rushed to the nearest veterinary clinic. Here, doctors tended to its injuries. The wounds aren't severe, and Star should make a full recovery in no-time.

“Star is a tough cookie and came out of it okay. The vets are pleased. He's bouncing back nicely,” owner Barrie Hayman told the press in an interview, as cited by Mirror. Well, let's just hope Star will think twice before challenging Meggie again.

Star and owner Barrie Hayman
Star and owner Barrie Hayman

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Meet Star, the beer-loving duckStar and owner Barrie Hayman
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