Floating Alien City Appears in the Sky Above China, Allegedly

Unless it was a bizarre illusion, as scientists say

Oct 18, 2015 16:47 GMT  ·  By  · 

Some seriously strange things have happened in China these past few days. So strange they've sparked talks of aliens come from outer space to inspect our planet. 

For one thing, an alleged floating city was spotted in the sky above the province of Guandong in the country's southeast. Then, the same apparition was reported in the Jianxi province.

Footage of the supposed alien city aimlessly hovering above China was shared on LiveLeak just hours ago and has already been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Scroll down to have to have a look at the video yourself. Fair warning: if you're expecting to see aliens waving at us from amongst the clouds, you're in for a bit of a disappointment.

True, there are some odd-looking formations clearly distinguishable in sky. However, calling these formations a floating city is a wee far-fetched.

Especially when scientists can perfectly explain the apparition

Scientists are the first to admit that, given the vastness of the cosmos, it makes perfect sense to believe that there are alien life forms somewhere out there, just waiting to be discovered.

As for these bizarre apparitions in China, however, they doubt that what people saw was, in fact, a floating city, let alone one populated by aliens.

Rather, they think it was all an illusion. Mind you, they even have a name for it: Fata Morgana, which is an unusual and complex form of mirage often seen just above the horizon.

Thus, they suspect that what happened here was that light encountered atmospheric layers of different temperatures and densities, and so bent while traveling through them.

These distortions of light resulted in the peculiar sights, which were actually oddly shaped shadows of actual skyscrapers on the ground.

Aside from the alien city hypothesis, there are some who say the floating skyscrapers might have been put there by NASA trying its hand at new holographic technologies.

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