ISIS Fighters Reportedly Shaving Off Their Beards, Dressing like Women

Word has it they're doing it to escape Russian airstrikes

Oct 20, 2015 22:14 GMT  ·  By  · 

Just the other day, Iraqi journalist Hala Jaber tweeted photos of what appears to be a mountain of hair of no mean size just lying on the ground, razors sticking out of it here and there. 

While this odd apparition is yet to be confirmed to be, in fact, a pile of hair, human or otherwise, there's talk that the photos show tens if not hundreds of beards that ISIS fighters shaved off.

Why would they do such a thing?

Word has it the ISIS fighters whose beards are supposedly shown in these now viral pictures shaved them off so that they might flee Syria and head to Turkey without being captured.

As for why they're so desperate to leave Syria and seek refuge in Turkey, it looks like it's because they are utterly and completely terrified of Russian airstrikes.

“Let's shave... Photo apparently showing left over beards shaved off by rebels running 4m #Syria,” journalist Hala Jaber captioned the photos on Twitter.

“.2/ More Jihadi beards, shaved off in Reef #Aleppo, as they flee clean shaven 2 #Turkey, these Via @leithfadel,” the Iraqi journalist wrote in another post.

As if this weren't humiliating enough, Sputnik News claims that, apart from shaving off their beards, ISIS fighters are also abandoning their usual wear and dressing like women instead.

Once again, they're doing this to disguise themselves and make sure that they would be granted safe passage into Turkey. So far, hundreds are said to have subjected themselves to this extreme makeover.

Their law forbids them to shave their beards

The way ISIS interprets Islam law, men are not supposed to remove facial hair, hence the fact that the extremist fighters all carry - well, or at least used to carry - rather luscious beards.

If it's true that they are now shaving them off in an attempt to hide themselves for fear of the Russians and their airstrikes, then they must be pretty darn terrified.

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