Man Crashes Wedding, Bites Cop and Police Dog Come to Remove Him

It happened in Santa Barbara, California, over the weekend

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Last weekend, on Saturday, authorities in Santa Barbara, California, received a call about a man who had crashed a wedding and was causing trouble, not letting the happy couple and their guests celebrate the event. 

A police officer and his dog were sent to investigate the incident and take the man into custody. When they got there, however, they found the wedding crasher was in no mood to leave the party.

The man resisted arrest, put up quite a fight

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, it was at about 8 p.m. local time that the police officer and his K-9 companion arrived at the Carriage Museum on Castillo Street, where the wedding reception was taking place.

The troublemaker, 22-year-old Jorge Rodriguez from Goleta, was still there. Wedding guests had managed to force him out of the establishment and had taken him to a nearby parking lot, but he was still refusing to leave.

He was kicking and screaming, shouting threats and offenses. When the police officer approached him, the man attacked him and bit his shoulder. Then, when the dog intervened and jumped him, the 22-year-old bit it by its leg.

The dog let go, and in the confusion, bit the police officer by mistake. It then targeted 22-year-old Jorge Rodriguez once again. Eventually, a backup crew arrived and the young man was subdued and handcuffed.

Jorge Rodriguez will probably be jailed

It is believed that, at the time he crashed the wedding and got into a fight with the police officer and his dog, the 22-year-old was under the influence of drugs. Once arrested, he was sedated and taken to the hospital.

When he recovers, however, authorities plan to charge him with resisting arrest resulting in injury and battery on a police dog. Since he was already on probation when this incident happened, he will probably be jailed.

As for the law enforcement officer and his K-9 companion, it is understood that the injuries they suffered while trying to arrest Jorge Rodriguez are not severe. Hence, they should soon make a full recovery.

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