Man Cuts Off His Ears to Make Himself Look like His Pet Parrots

He's also thinking about turning his nose into a beak

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56-year-old Ted Richards of Hartcliffe, Bristol, loves and adores his pet parrots, and you can easily tell this just by taking a quick glance at him. 

He has colored feathers tattooed on his face and, recently, he underwent surgery to have his ears cut off and make himself look more like his favorite birds.

The man looks strange enough as it is, and yet he says he's nowhere near done transforming his body. Next, he wants to turn his nose into a beak.

The surgery was painful, but totally worth it

It took doctors about six hours to remove Ted Richards' human ears and fashion him bird-like slits on the sides of his head. It wasn't easy and the experience was rather painful for the 56-year-old, but the parrot lover says it was all worth it.

The man says he couldn't be happier with his looks and doesn't in the slightest regret his decision to give up on his human ears. He sometimes misses them when he has to wear glasses, but other than this he has no regrets.

“I love it. I am so happy it's unreal. I can't stop looking in the mirror,” Ted Richards explained in an interview, as cited by DM. “I've done it because I want to look like my parrots as much as possible,” the 56-year-old man went on to add.

As mentioned, Ted Richards is now thinking about going under the knife again to have his nose turned into a beak. After this, he'll undoubtedly come up with some other wacky idea to transform his body and make it look more parrot-like.

Extreme body modifications are part of who he is

Ted Richards, a retired shoe factory worker, has around 110 tattoos and 50 piercings adorning his body. He also has a split tongue and even a couple of magnets implanted into his hands. Then, when younger, he had a piece sign branded on his shoulder with a hot iron.

He says that extreme body modifications are part of who he is and that, ever since he was a boy, he's known he'd been born to be unique. “There's no doubt that when they made me they broke the mould,” the man likes to think, and he might, in fact, have this one right.

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Ted Richards and his girlfriend
The man says he's always wanted to be unique, differentHe's trying to make himself look like his parrotsRecently, Ted Richards had his ears cut off
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