Man Steals Taxi, Tells the Police He Didn't Want to Walk Home

When you put it like that, it kind of makes sense

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Last week, on Friday, 26-year-old Luis Orellana-Rivera of Des Moines, Iowa, was arrested by local authorities when he was discovered coming out of a stolen taxi, the keys in his pocket. 

When questioned, he admitted to having stolen the vehicle on the very same day, just hours before his arrest. He was handcuffed and put behind bars, charged with second-degree theft.

At least he had a good reason, kind of

Early Friday morning, 26-year-old Luis Orellana-Rivera was discharged from the local Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, HNGN informs.

It was about 6 a.m. and the young man was in no mood to walk himself home. Not when his house was about six blocks away and, what with it being very early, the journey probably wouldn't have been all that pleasant.

He didn't want to spend any money on transportation either and so what he did was climb behind the wheel of a taxi he happened to find unlocked and with the key left inside the ignition. Then, he drove to his house.

Needless to say, the man probably didn't expect that the theft would very soon be noticed and that the police would track him down and cuff him.

And yet, this is precisely what happened

The only reason young Luis Orellana-Rivera found the taxi unlocked and with the key inside the ignition was because the driver was nearby.

When he noticed that his ride was missing, he immediately contacted local law enforcement officers, who set out to find the missing taxi. As mentioned, they found it just as the 26-year-old was leaving it.

A few minutes too late, and Luis Orellana-Rivera might have gotten away with it. Unfortunately for him, however, he was caught red-handed.

For now, it's unclear what the law has in store for the 26-year-old man. Still, it's safe to assume he won't get away with just a warning or a fine. Rather, he'll probably be jailed for quite a while.

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