Prankster Tricks Girlfriend into Thinking Their Son Got Blown Up

Roman Atwood's “Blowing Up My Kid Prank” has gone viral

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As far as pranks go, this might be the absolute cruelest and most deranged to hit the web in a while. Shared online just yesterday, Roman Atwood's “Blowing Up My Kid Prank” has already been viewed nearly 3 million times. 

Scroll down to check it out yourselves. Be warned though: this is not for the faint of heart, even if it's just make-believe. Especially if explosions give you goosebumps.

Possibly the cruelest prank ever

The video debuts with 32-year-old Roman Atwood from Ohio, a comedian and YouTube celebrity, pretending to be drive-testing a quad-bike with his son, young Kane. Then, the boy's mother appears.

The two tell her that they've decided to buy the four-wheeler and send her to get the checkbook from the car. While she's away, Kane gets off the quad-bike and Roman Atwood plants a dummy in his place.

When the unsuspecting woman returns, the comedian has the remote-controlled quad-bike dart forward and over a ramp. An explosion follows, Roman Atwood's girlfriend thinking her son has just been blow up before her very eyes.

She runs to where the explosion occurred only to realize that she's just been pranked. “It's not funny. That is not funny,” she tells the comedian and kicks him, to which he replies, “It's kinda funny.”

The young boy was in on it 

Roman Atwood says he arranged this prank together with his son, who was quite excited at the thought of tricking his mother just for the fun of it. There's no mention of it, but nobody could really blame his mother if she had him grounded for this.

As for Roman Atwood, there are many who agree he might have taken things a bit too far this time. There are funny pranks and then there are cruel ones, and what he did most definitely falls into the second category.

“Roman, what's wrong with you... You're going to ruin your marriage,” a viewer commented on the video. “Hey, Roman, i've got an extra room for you if you don't want to use that couch, just let me know,” another added.

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