There's a Hamburger-Themed Girl Band Rockin' in Japan

It's called Hamburgirl Z and it's oddly popular

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If we're gonna be honest here, we probably should own up to the fact that hamburgers are just about the most delish things ever to come out of a kitchen. 

Hence, it shouldn't surprise us that a band whose members have dedicated their entire career to praising hamburgers actually exists.

The band, called Hamburgirl Z, is oddly popular in Japan. The members are all girls, who sing and dance dressed in hamburger costumes.

True, odds are they won't win any awards anytime soon, but their tunes are catchy and upbeat enough to score them a surprisingly devoted fan base.

“Fans become part of the event by shouting along to the music,” explains Japanese culture blogger Tofugu, as cited by Oddity Central.

These days, Hamburgirl Z perform weekly at the Tsūtenkaku tower in the city of Osaka. Every now and again, they attend special events across the country.

How the band got started 

This wacky band whose songs are all about the undying greatness and deliciousness of hamburgers was started by one Shintaro Yabu, the current producer, in March 2013.

Shintaro Yabu, who is also a chairman of the West Japan Hamburger Association, founded the group as part of a marketing campaign intended to make hamburgers made and sold on Japan's Awajishima Island a wee more popular.

At the time, the group was called Awajishima Hamburgirl and only had three members. These were eventually replaced by five new girls. Then, the band welcomed ever more singers / dancers and, earlier this year, in April, became Hamburgirl Z.

Rather than a proper musical group, Japan's Hamburgirl Z is more like a business. Shintaro Yabu says he wants to include more members in the future and expand the group to cover the whole country.

As for the girls, who perform dressed like beef, eggs, tomatoes, chicken, onions and whatever other ingredients usually go into making a burger, they say they couldn't be happier about their choice of career.

“We want to have people of all generations interested in hamburgers. We truly love hamburgers, and we want everyone else to love them too,” they told the press in a recent interview.

The girls sing and dance in honor of hamburgers
The girls sing and dance in honor of hamburgers

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Hamburgirl Z is a hamburger-themed girl band in JapanThe girls sing and dance in honor of hamburgers
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